Patented Protection   -                          SUMMER HEAT                                              WINTER  SNOW and ICE                                       
All Season Windshield Covers     
Don't take my word for it...
5.0 out of 5 stars
Worth every penny
By Debra Nunez
Verified Purchase
I'm really impressed with this sunshade. I like the was it covers the whole windshield including the wiper blades and the front windows.

4.0 out of 5 stars
Does the right job
Verified Purchase
I shopped for covers extensively. This cover did the trick and did it well. I bought this for my son up in Rochester, where it snows almost
constantly all winter long. He said the windshield has NO ice on it and it's easy to pull off, throw in the trunk and get going.
Everyone else in the parking lot is scraping and swearing, but he literally pulls this off and can heat up his car and go. worth the money,
and the side window and side mirror coverage is great in the frigid snowy areas of NY

5.0 out of 5 stars...
front doors windows cover - first quality material and excellent fabrication - that easily fit on two different cars ...
By Alison Ellison
Outstanding windshield and front doors windows cover - first quality material and excellent fabrication - that easily fit on two different
cars with the same great results in three New England blizzards with feet of snow and high winds. No frozen windshield wipers or iced up
windshield or front door windows at all. Easy to install and remove. Well worth the price.

"The Windshield Cover is easy and quick to put in place, and it keeps the cab of my truck cool and the contents out of sight.  It's a great
accessory for anglers/boaters who leave their tow-vehicle unattended at boat ramps for extended periods of time".
Bob Jensen -

From egersper:
My buddy bought one for his 78 ford pick up. He loves it! He said it keeps the truck cooler in the heat, but he bought it to protect his
windows from the ice this winter.

From c_mason66:
"Winter must have. This cover saves me from having to scrape snow and ice off of my windshield and windows. I'd recommend it to

From Jeff :
"Galen, Just a quick note, to let you know that my windshield cover, is surviving 60 mph winds. We are getting hammered by high winds

From "detem"
"The weatherman predicted a particularly nasty hail storm. I put a layer of cardboard on the windshield and then placed this cover. In the
morning, everything was in place, including my windshield!
Yes, I recommend this product"

From walkerracing
great day to have get her covered                           
I have a f150 and every time i would go hunting i would come back to the truck and it would have ice or show or fog and i would have to
try to get it removed before I could go now all i do is take off the cover and drive it is the best gift i got also it is very strong i have ran it
over and was able just to pick it up dust it off and keep going so get yourself a cover today don’t waste time playing in snow go

From dmoore-keeney
Better than cardboard                                            
This is a great product. It covers the whole window unlike the cardboard ones that you put on the inside. It keeps the interior cool much

From kore7759
Good Quality                                                       
Works great at keeping ice off windshield. Also is very durable. Good for use if you have to keep your car outdoors like I do.

From dunit123
Great Product!
I don't own a camper yet, so usually if I plan on doing an early morning hunt I just camp out in my truck. With this product I can now
have a little privacy while sleeping.

From tearll1108
smart! My best friend has one of these. it is great for camping, fishing and hunting as it completely sheilds from the sun. this protects the
dashboard and the seat when the sun outside is 104' and hotter in the truck. i would love this for my truck. and no damage to the truck,

This product works great, an is very tough. It may not be for everybody, but for the quality of this product, $100 is not a bad price.

From Ted
"I came across your product on YouTube and really like the design.  Your product is the only one other than a full cab cover that covers
the side windows too, Brilliant design.

Give it a try today!